Online Invigilator Training Programme

In line with National requirements at the GETC NQF 1 Level, Benchmark now offers an Invigilator training programme through the iTuT online campus, which is easily accessible on any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. Invigilators are trained, assessed and certified instantly from the comfort of their home or workplace.

The printable PDF version of the Invigilator Management File and Exam Concession Guidelines are also included for convenience and future reference.

Invigilator training is a requirement for all Chief Invigilators, Invigilators and Relief Invigilators in order to oversee AET Levels 1 – 4 examinations.

The well-structured programme covers:
  • Introduction to Invigilation
  • What to do before the exams start
  • What to do during the exams
  • What to do after the exams
  • Exam Irregularities
  • A summative assessment that leads to certification
By completing the programme, the candidate will be able to:
  • Explain the powers and duties of Chief Invigilators
  • Explain the general duties of Invigilators
  • Describe how Invigilators are appointed
  • Describe the education and skills needed
  • Describe the duties, before, during and after exams
  • Describe the nature of irregularities

Certification is important for the appointment of invigilators

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This course will be available to you for 24 months.

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