Benchmark Assessment Agency approved by UMALUSI to assess the NQF 1 (AET Level 4) November 2015

After a successful first examination pilot in November 2014, UMALUSI has approved Benchmark to assess Adult Education and Training (AET) Level 4 (NQF 1) candidates for the General Education and Training Certificate (GETC) during the November 2015 examinations. Keith Maseko, Managing Director of Benchmark, acknowledged that this is a vital step for the agency in its endeavour to attain full accreditation from UMALUSI in conducting AET Level 4 exams. Maseko ascribes this success to the professionalism, efficiency and the continuous need to improve processes and systems in delivering quality AET exams at all levels by the Benchmark team. There have been over 450 AET level 4 November exam registrations received to date.

The AET Level 4 November 2015 exam timetable is as follows:

Session 1: Tuesday 24 November
09h00 to 12h00: Mathematical Literacy

Session 2: Thursday 26 November 
09h00 to 12h00: Communication in English

All registered Benchmark examination centres must conduct their November 2015 AET Level 4 examinations as per the examination timetable. Examination centres are requested to ensure that the following important information relating to the conduct of the examinations is adhered to:

  • Examinations will start at 09h00 and end at 12h00 as candidates are given three hours within which to complete the examination.
  • Benchmark and UMALUSI will conduct unannounced monitoring visits during the conduct of the examinations.
  • The chief invigilator remains overall accountable and responsible for ensuring that the examination is run without incident and according to prescribed policy.
  • The chief invigilator may delegate the responsibility of invigilation to an invigilator however, accountability still resides with the chief invigilator.
  • Positive identification of candidates is required prior to entering the examination venue. The chief invigilator or appointed invigilator will verify the candidate’s details with the attendance register supplied with the question papers.
  • The examination venues should be clearly indicated where necessary.
  • Proper recording (irregularities register) and reporting of irregularities should be done to ensure that the integrity and credibility of the examination are not compromised.
  • The chief invigilator must ensure that plans are in place to mitigate the effects of an emergency (for example, the emergency evacuation plan, etc)
Site Based Assessment (SBA)

Benchmark will be introducing 3 SBA tasks for both learning areas (Communication in English and Mathematical Literacy). These tasks should be completed within 12 weeks and must be marked by the assessors before submission to Benchmark. Benchmark will be conducting workshops/meetings with examination centres in the near future regarding the implementation and management of SBA tasks as well as preparation for the NQF 1 (AET Level 4) November examinations.

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